Where Is Library On Mac High Sierra

Where Is The Library Folder On Mac High Sierra

Jan 12, 2020  You can access the hidden Library folder without using Terminal, which has the side effect of revealing every hidden file on your Mac. This method will only make the Library folder visible, and only for as long as you keep the Finder window for the Library folder open. Aug 14, 2018  At times, you may want to find your iBooks library location on your Mac in order to take a peek at all of your files or even copy them to the custom location in order to back them up. Follow this tutorial to access your library on your macOS. How to Find iBooks Library Location in.


  1. Dec 20, 2018 In the past with macOS Sierra and El Capitan, I used the Terminal command “chflags nohidden /Library” to make my user library permanently visible. But after updating to macOS Sierra (10.12.6) then High Sierra (10.13) and finally macOS Mojave (10.14), this Terminal command no longer appears to work!
  2. It appears that the problem lies with Permissions, yet High Sierra (10.13.3) has removed access to 'Repair Permissions' in Disk Utility. A neat way round this is to use CleanMyMac3. In addition to its basic role of cleaning unwanted files from your Mac, it has an option of.
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Photos User Guide

Import your photos and videos into your photo library so you can organize and edit them with Photos. You can import photos and videos in a variety of ways:

(Oddly, the home folder is called Home in this menu.)Matt Elliott/CNETMove your HomeWith your Home folder selected in Finder, hit Command-up arrow to move up one level in Finder. Now, you can click and drag your Home folder and drop it on Finder's sidebar. Show users library folder mac

  • Using iCloud: Turn on iCloud Photos on your Mac and other devices (such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV) to access your entire library automatically. See Use iCloud Photos to store photos.

  • By syncing your Mac with an iPhone or iPad: If you don’t use iCloud Photos on your Mac, you can sync your Mac and a connected iPhone or iPad to transfer photos. See Sync photos between your Mac and iPhone or iPad.

  • From cameras or mobile devices: Connect a camera, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device and import photos and videos from the device. See Import photos from a camera or phone.

  • From storage media: Import photos or videos saved on a hard disk or other storage device. See Import photos from hard disks, DVDs, and other devices.

  • From other apps: Import photos and videos sent to you in an email or text message, or downloaded from Safari. See Import photos from Mail, Safari, and other apps.

By default, imported photos are copied into the Photos library. If you prefer, you can store photos and videos outside the Photos library—for example, in a folder on your Mac or on an external hard drive—and still view them in Photos. If you ever need to move content stored outside the library into your Photos library, you can do that, too. See Change where Photos stores your files.

Note: iCloud Photos doesn’t manage photos and videos stored outside the Photos library.

Where Is Library On Mac High Sierra Upgrade

Follow these steps to use the Photos library repair tool:

  1. Hold down the Option and Command keys while you open Photos on your Mac.
  2. In the dialog that appears, click Repair to start the repair process.

You might be asked to type in your user account password to authorize the library repair.

Where Is Library On Mac High Sierra Vista

The repair tool analyzes the the library's database and repairs any inconsistencies it detects. Depending on the size of your library, this might take some time. When the process is completed, Photos opens the library.

How To Find Library On Mac High Sierra

Where Is Library On Mac High Sierra Requirements

If you repair a library that's automatically updated with iCloud Photos, the entire contents of the library re-updates with iCloud after the repair process completes.