How To Sync Ipod To Itunes Library On Mac

  1. Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Mac without iTunes. The easy way to copy music from iPod to iTunes Mac is using iOS transfer tool, like iMyFone TunesMate.Well, it’s a perfect iTunes alternative that allows you to easily transfer music from iPod to iTunes Mac or sync iTunes music to iPod.
  2. Sep 09, 2016  If you have an iPod and a Mac, you would want to use iTunes to sync all the media between the two devices. However, the going may not be as smooth as you would expect. When iTunes is used to sync iPod with Mac computers, sometimes the following problems are faced.
  3. Jan 13, 2020  One of the chief benefits of digital music is that you can carry hundreds of hours worth of music with you anywhere you go. Whether you purchased some tracks on the iTunes Store or ripped audio from a CD collection, you'll want to upload them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  4. When you’re done with the sync options, click Done to re-sync again with the new settings. ITunes displays whatever content section of the library you were viewing when the sync started. Wait for syncing to finish, and then click the eject button next to the “iPod” in the iPod button.
FonePaw - Solution - iTunes - iPod Won't Sync to iTunes

Feb 05, 2020  Here is the full step by step guide on sync iTunes/Music App Playlist to iPhone, iPad or iPod from Mac/PC. Most of the folks showing only voice memos option, But can’t able to see all Playlist created in iTunes/Finder and won’t sync with your iDevice running on lateset iOS and iPadOS. Mar 02, 2019  Click 'Music' from the left column and then choose 'Sync Music'. Altogether there are two ways for you to sync iTunes music: #1. Sync Entire Music Library. If you want to refresh your iPod playlist thoroughly, then you can select the 'Entire music library' option to get a totally new collection of music on iPod. Sync Selected Songs.

It is very frustrating when your iPod Touch, Classic, Nano, Shuffle won't sync music to iTunes. How to get your iPod sync songs to iTunes? And when the iPod won't sync with iTunes, How to fix? This ultimate guide is written to solve all these iTunes not syncing problems.

1. How to Sync Your iPod with iTunes

In many cases, iPod won't sync to iTunes because users took the wrong steps. Here is the step-to-step guide on how to use iTunes to sync songs to your iPod Touch/Classic/Nano/Shuffle.

Before syncing your iPod, there are two important things:

Firstly, if your iPod has songs that are not in iTunes library, these songs will be erased when syncing with iTunes. To avoid the ‘Erase and Sync' message, please jump to Part 6.

Secondly, before plugging iPod to computer, please check Prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically from Edit > Preference > Devices.

To sync iPod to iTunes,

  • Launch iTunes on your Mac/Windows.

  • Connect iPod Touch to a computer and choose the iPod on iTunes.

  • If iTunes pops up with 'iCloud Music Library is On', open your iPod Touch and turn off iCloud Music Library via Settings > Music.

  • Check 'Sync Music' and select 'Entire music library' or 'Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres'. Click Apply.

  • The iTunes music will be transferred to the connected iPod.

You can follow the same steps to sync photos, videos to iPod via iTunes. If you still have iTunes not syncing troubles with your iPod, check out the tricks below.

2. iPod Touch Won't Add Or Sync Music After Update/Restore

Question: 'Recently I updated my iPod Touch 5th Gen to the latest iOS 9.3.5 and now I am not able to add or delete songs from the iPod via iTunes. '

Some users suspect that there is something going wrong during the update or restore and making them unable to transfer songs to iPod with iTunes. Actually, the new iOS should not be the problem. Tried these tricks instead:

  • Update your iTunes to the latest version.

  • Make sure you are using a workable USB cable. If you are syncing iPod Touch with iTunes via Wi-Fi. Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

  • On iPod Touch(1st/2nd/3rd/4th/6th generation), go to Settings > Music and turn off iCloud Music Library.

  • Go to Settings > Music and toggle off 'Show Apple Music' on iPod Touch.

  • Also turn off 'Show Apple Music' in iTunes on the computer. Click iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General > Turn off Show Apple Music.

  • Before syncing songs to iPod Touch, add songs to a playlist.

3. iPod Won't Sync With New Laptop

Question: 'I just bought a new laptop and when I tried to sync my iPod to the new computer, it is connected but not sync. Can anyone help?'

  1. Authorize Your new computer. Launch iTunes, choose Account > Authentications > Authorize Computer. Enter your Apple ID and password to authorize the computer.

  1. Make sure that you have enabled 'Manually manage music and videos' option: choose your iPod on iTunes, click Summary > Options and check 'Manually manage music and videos.'

If you get a message that your device is synced with another library. You need to erase all iTunes content on your iPod first before the iPod is able to sync with the new computer.

4. iPod Sync Option Is Greyed out

Question: 'I cannot sync my iPod nano to iTunes on the PC. The button is grayed out and I can't click.'

If the Sync button is not available on your iTunes, please try these three tricks. They can also be applied to fix Sync button is grayed out when syncing with iPhone, iPad.

  • Update your iTunes.

  • Sign out of all iTunes accounts on your iOS device and iTunes, then sign back in.

  • Authorize the computer.

5. iPod not showing up in iTunes?

Question: 'My iPod is connected but it doesn't show up in iTunes source list. The computer can detect the device but not the iTunes.'

Check out these tricks to solve iTunes Won't Recognize iPhone, iPad and iPod.

6. Sync Music to iPod Without iTunes

If iTunes still won't sync with your iPod Touch/Classic/Nano/Shuffle, why not switch to a more strange-forward transfer tool - FonePaw iOS Transfer. It can transfer music from computer and iTunes library to your iPod Touch without erasing any songs on your device. Books, photos, videos are also supported.

  • Download the free trial version of iOS Transfer on your computer.


  • Connect iPod Touch using iOS to the computer.

  • Choose 'Music'. Click 'Add' > 'Add File' / 'Add Folder' and choose the folder that contains your iTunes music.

  • If you are using a Mac, find iTunes music folder via Finder: Go > Home > Music > iTunes to find iTunes music.

  • If you have a Windows PC, select songs on UsersusernameMy MusiciTunes.

  • All the selected songs will be added to your iPod.

You can also use the FonePaw iOS Transfer to move songs, photos, books, music video, etc. from iPod Touch to iTunes/computer.

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iOS Transfer is customized to transfer data among your iPhone/iPad/iPod, computer and iTunes in a simple but effective way.
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Users who are working with an iPod for the first time to store and play their favorite digital music may find it tricky to transfer music from iTunes to iPod.

If you’ve made a purchase of a music album from the iTunes store, in order to listen to it on your iPod, you will need to synchronize the music files to your Apple device through iTunes first. It is a fairly simple process and will be covered thoroughly in this tutorial article.

How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPod

As mentioned above, you can transfer all sorts of digital music on to your iPod through the iTunes software. It should be in a format that is supported by your iPod, preferably in MP3 format.

1 How to Automatically Sync Music from iTunes to iPod

In order to automatically transfer digital music to your iPod, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the music menu that can be found on top of the iTunes window.
Enable the Sync music option by ticking the box next to it.
Step 2: In the event, you want to sync all your music files on to your iPod, locate the entire music option and select it.
Step 3: To selectively transfer music files, choose the option that says select playlists, artists, albums, genres.

Finally, confirm your selection by pressing the apply button and let the syncing process begin.

2 How to Manually Sync Songs from iTunes to iPod

To manually transfer all your music files through iTunes, you need to change some configuration settings first.

Step 1: Go to the summary tab which can be found on top of the main iTunes window.
Step 2: Select the manually manage music option and confirm your selection by pressing apply.

Mac os versions. The lower layers of the system provide the fundamental services on which all software relies. OS X Has a Layered Architecture with Key Technologies in Each LayerIt’s helpful to view the implementation of OS X as a set of layers.

You have successfully altered the configuration settings of iTunes to transfer music manually. Let’s proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Locate the Music pane underneath the iTunes library.
Step 4: Select all those songs that you want to transfer to your iPod from the iTunes panel. You can select multiple songs by holding down the CTRL key. After you’re done selecting the songs that you want manually sync to your iPod, drop them in the iPod icon, on the left side of the iTunes window. Click on apply and let the magic happen.

Limitations and Drawbacks of Synchronization through iTunes

Although the iTunes software is the go to software for syncing files, it has its drawbacks. It is unable to transfer a large number of media formats such as AVI, XVID etc. If you want to transfer media on to your computer from you Apple device, iTunes will not let that happen. You can use alternative file transfer software to bypass these limitations. We have just the one for you.

Perfect iTunes Alternative for Syncing Music from iTunes to iPod

How To Sync Ipod Classic To Itunes

The easiest and simplest way to transfer all kinds of media files from your iTunes/computer to your iDevice is by transferring them through iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

Key Features:

  • TunesMate has been designed to conveniently transfer unlimited iTunes libraries to unlimited iDevices, without imposing any restrictions.
  • You don’t require a password or any sort of authorization to sync your iTunes files to iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • TunesMate does not discriminate between paid and free media and transfers them both without hesitation.
  • Worried about losing old data? Don’t fret! TunesMate has you covered. It promises zero loss of data while transferring the files.
  • Do you wish to selectively sync media files to your apple device? iTunes gives the user that option as well.
  • Received lots of positive media reviews and is full compatible with iOS 11.

How to Use TunesMate to Sync iTunes to iPod

You don’t need to be a tech geek to use iMyFone TunesMate. It has a simple interface designed to transfer media and apps conveniently.

Step 1: After installing TunesMate, initialize it.

Step 2: Click on the tab “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevices”. And select files that you wish to transfer and with a single flick of the mouse.

How To Sync Ipod To Itunes Library On Mac Free

Step 3: Click on the “Transfer” button sync your iTunes data to your Apple device.

Why Choose TunesMate over iTunes

There are a number of reasons why I prefer TunesMate over iTunes.

How To Sync Ipod To Itunes Library On Mac Windows 10


• Even if your apple device is not registered to the same apple ID, TunesMate will let you transfer all sorts of music, whether it is paid or non-paid. iTunes on the other hand, gives you no such freedom.
• It rarely gives errors while syncing files, whereas iTunes is known for its troublesome errors that impede the synchronization process. iTunes does not support all types of files.
• Many popular media formats are not accepted by the iTunes software. However, no such problem arises while using TunesMate.
• TunesMate provides the users with three options for deletion of files: selective deletion, deleting all files at once and one by one deletion. In iTunes, the user can either delete all files in one go or delete files one by one which can be a time consuming and hectic process.
• TunesMate is easy to navigate and has a simple interface, suitable for all kinds of users, whether they are beginners or advanced users.

How To Sync Ipod To Itunes

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