Switch Itunes Library From Pc To Mac

  1. Oct 12, 2016 Launch iTunes on your Mac. Click File in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen. Hover your cursor over Library in the dropdown menu. Select Organize Library from the secondary menu.
  2. Press and hold the Option key (on Mac) or the Shift key (on Windows), then open iTunes. In the Choose iTunes Library window, select Choose Library. Another window appears, defaulting to your Music/My Music folder. If you stored your other iTunes libraries somewhere else, navigate through your computer to the location of the new library.
  3. Launch iTunes on your Mac, open its preferences (Edit - Preferences), then click the Advanced tab. Click the Change button next to iTunes Media Folder Location, navigate to the iTunes Media folder.
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Switch Itunes Library From Pc To Mac Pro

Jan 04, 2020  How to Move Your iTunes Library. You can move your iTunes library to a different folder, computer, or drive. Here's how to do it, even in macOS Catalina, which ditches iTunes for the Music app. Mar 06, 2019  Transfer iTunes Library from Mac to PC. Open one of your other PC like Windows computer, and download the iTunes,and iMusic as well, launch iMusic, go to it's music icon on the left top corner, and then click the 'Add' icon on the right top corner to add the files from your iTunes file. Your library will transfer automatically to the new Apple Music app, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. And you’ll still have access to your favorite iTunes features, including your previous iTunes Store purchases, rentals, and imports and the ability to easily manage your library. About Switching to Mac. Welcome to Switching to Mac - a blog that is dedicated to convincing you that switching from Windows to Mac is a great choice! My name is Aseem Kishore and I am a full-time professional blogger. I graduated from Emory University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Part 1: How to Transfer iTunes Library from PC to PC

Of course, it is possible that those who only have PC systems running in their home may want to purchase another PC. As it is, there are multiple households who have multiple systems in order to ensure that everyone is able to get equal time on the computer. Why shouldn’t they be able to share the same iTunes library as well? Here’s how to copy an iTunes library from one PC to another:

Step 1. Go to My Documents>My Music

Copy the iTunes folder to an external drive. You then need to connect the external hard drive to the new PC. Depending on what system you are running on your PC, your iTunes folder will be in one of the following three locations:

• yourusername/My Music/iTunes for Windows 7
• yourusername/My Music/iTunes for Windows Vista
• Documents and Settings/yourusername/My Documents/My Music/iTunes for Windows XP

Step 2. Copy the iTunes folder from the external drive to the exact same location on the new PC

It needs to be in the exact same location so all the pointers in the iTunes library points to the same location on the new PC.

Step 3. When opening iTunes on the new PC, hold down the Shift Key

This will prompt iTunes to open a new window, asking you to choose a library to draw your music selections from.

Step 4. Go to the iTunes folder on the new PC to select the new library and click on iTunes Library.itl

One of the biggest questions I get is how to access that content and view everything a family member has already purchased. How to share my itunes library with family. If you’ve enabled Family Sharing on your iCloud account, that means other family members are able to view and download your iTunes and App Store purchases, and vice versa.

This ensures that you have the new library file that you need in order to complete the transfer of the iTunes library from one PC to another.

Occasionally, though, there are times when Mac users prefer to switch back to a PC. Many businesses in today’s society continue to use PC as their main platform, where businesses that tend to be more audio-visual in nature will focus on a Mac platform. Sometimes, you may be called upon to transfer your iTunes library from a Mac to your PC. This may be a result of feeling it’s more effective to have the two different sorts of computers in your home or for whatever reason, you want to have a PC in your home or business.

Regardless of the reasons why a Mac user may ultimately purchase and want to switch their iTunes library over to a PC platform, it can be helpful to know how to transfer iTunes from Mac to PC.

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Switch Itunes Library From Pc To Mac Free

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Switch Itunes Library From Pc To Mac Drive

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