Migrate Itunes Library From Mac To Mac

In the first method, users will need a USB drive to copy the data from the old computer while the later method requires an internet connection to transfer the data. Here’s how to move iTunes Library to a New Computer including Windows and macOS. Jan 08, 2020 This wikiHow teaches you how to move your iTunes music library from one computer to a new computer. You'll need to use a USB drive or an external hard drive to do this. On the computer from which you want to copy your iTunes.

iTunes library is a huge and powerful database where the valuable information is kept. Playlists, songs and other files are also organized there. iTunes uses iTunes library files and your iTunes Media folder to organize and store your music and other media. So if you have a new device one day, what can you do with your important files and music in iTunes? How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac? There are three methods listed below for your reference.

  • Part 3: How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac via iTransfer

Part 1: How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac via USB Drive

You need to consolidate and set up a backup before you move iTunes to new computer. Your iTunes is consisted of the added music and media. You have to consolidate iTunes library firstly. Then you can back up the files in iTunes.
You can consolidate iTunes library via following the steps as below:
1. Run iTunes and select File > Library > Organize Library in the menu bar which is at top of iTunes interface.
2. Choose “Consolidate files” and click the button “OK”.

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iTunes media files can be found in iTunes folder. If not, you can follow the steps to find the media files as below.
Run iTunes, then select “Edit>Preference” on top of iTunes window, then click “Advanced” and you will see “iTunes Media folder location” and the iTunes media can be found in it.

Once the media files have been consolidated, the iTunes library can be backed up to the external drive by following these steps:
1. Go out of iTunes and the iTunes folder can be found.
2. Move iTunes library to external hard drive from the location by dragging. Then the iTunes library files can be copied to the external drive.

The iTunes library can be restored to your Mac from the external drive, you can follow the steps like below:
1. Logout iTunes and find the external drive on desktop.
2. The iTunes files will be copied to Mac from external drive by dragging.
3. Press the option key, then a prompt will pop up and you are required to select “Choose iTunes Library” by clicking this button.

4. Select the iTunes folder in the internal drive and click the button “Choose” to select iTunes library.

Part 2: How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac via iTunes

If you want to transfer iTunes library to another computer, you can also use iTunes to complete this transfer. Below is the instruction to transfer iTunes library to new via iTunes.
1. Before you transfer the iTunes library by using iTunes, there are some changes needed to do like this: Edit> Preference> Advanced tab. Then check the option “Keep iTunes Music folder organized” and 'Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library'. The iTunes library location can also be changed here.

Migrate Itunes Library From Mac To Mac

2. Enter File > Library and click and click “Organized Library”. All of the iTunes files are ensured to be saved in iTunes folder by this setting. Then go to UsernameMusiciTunesiTunes Media to find iTunes folder here and copy it to external drive.

Restore itunes library from backup mac laptop. Dec 28, 2016  If you back up iTunes library to CD/DVD disc, then for restoring iTunes library, you then could follow this: Open iTunes and insert your backup disc. Then iTunes will ask whether you want to restore iTunes from this disc. Click Restore.

3. Launch your iTunes on Mac computer. Some changes are needed to do on settings to make your library import from external drive. You can change the library path by clicking iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Change. Connect your hard drive with your Mac and click the button “OK”.

4. Transfer the .xml file to Mac by following this: iTunes > Preferences > Select Advanced Tab. Then “Share iTunes Library xml with other applications”should be checked. Then, click “OK”.

5. This .xml file is copied to external drive like the pen drive. Then enter File > Library > Import Playlists Locate to find xml file you have saved. Next, click the button “OK”.

Migrate Itunes Library From Mac To Mac Free

Part 3: How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac via iTransfer

Itunes Library Download

Leawo iTransfer is powerful software for transferring the files between Apple devices, iTunes and computer. It offers a great solution to transfer multiple files like apps, photos, music and more. This software is able to help the users to control and manage the files in an effective way. Because of the advanced technology on scanning and transferring, 100% safety and reliability are guaranteed by this software, which ensures no data loss during the transfer process. Here we will show you the steps of how to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac via iTransfer.

Leawo iTransfer

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1. You need to transfer iTunes files on PC to external hard drive by iTransfer firstly. Here we suppose you can use your iPhone as external hard drive.
Run Leawo iTransfer on computer and connect the external hard drive to the computer with USB cable. The external hard drive will be detected automatically and will be shown in the left sidebar. iTunes library will be displayed below the library of external hard drive. Music, movies and TV shows can be transferred to external hard drive from iTunes.

2. Select the media files in the iTunes library and the details will be shown on the right part of the software window. You can check the square beside the name on the top to select all files to transfer or hold Ctrl option to select some files for transferring, then right click on the selected files, choose the option Transfer to > iPhone. You are also allowed to search the files needed to transfer in the search bar which is on the upper right corner of the window, enter the name of the files in the search column and the results will be displayed below it. Then, click the button “Transfer” at the right bottom.

3. A pane will pop up and you are required to check “Transfer to list: iPhone”, then click the button “Transfer Now” to begin transfer iTunes to external hard drive.

4. Transfer progress will be shown to you and do not disconnect the transfer if it hasn’t finished transfer yet.

Here we have completed the task of transferring iTunes files to iPhone from PC. Then another problem appears, how to move iTunes files from iPhone to Mac? The following steps will guide you the details. Here we will use Leawo iTransfer for Mac to help us to complete this transfer.

Migrate Itunes Library From Mac To Mac Computer

1. Launch Leawo iTransfer for Mac on computer and connect your iPhone to Mac computer. Your iPhone will be detected automatically by this software and the information will be shown in the left sidebar of the window.

Migrate Itunes Library Windows 10

2. Choose iTunes files in the left sidebar, the detailed content will be listed on the right part of the window. Then press the button “Transfer” at the right bottom to begin to transfer all the iTunes files from iPhone to Mac. Or you can hold the key “Command” and choose the files needed to transfer,then select the option “Transfer to > My Computer” by right click on the files you have selected.

Itunes Mac Download

3. A pane will pop up and you need to check the option “Save to Folder” by clicking the button “Change” to select the target folder on your Mac for saving the transferred files. Then, click the button “Transfer Now” to begin to transfer the files.

How To Move Itunes Library From Imac To Macbook Pro

4. The transfer progress will show up to let you know the transfer process. The files will be found in the target folder on your Mac when the transfer is completed.