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Apr 12, 2019  Look for an extension that you haven’t installed and that looks suspicious. Select it and press Uninstall. Now go to the General tab. Change the Homepage address to your preferred homepage. Go to the Search tab and choose the search engine you want to use. Remove Bing redirect from Chrome. How to remove Bing from Chrome extensions: Launch Chrome. The Adblock Plus for Chrome™ ad blocker has been downloaded over 500 million times and is one of the most popular and trusted on the market. Users get fast, sleek ad-blocking capabilities to enjoy sites like YouTube™ interruption free.

Besides Safari, Google Chrome is probably the most widely-used browser for Mac users. And sometimes, when the Chrome keeps crashing, freezes or won't start, you are recommended to fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the browser.

Deleting the browser itself is usually not enough to fix the Chrome problems. You need to completely uninstall the Chrome, which means to delete not only the browser but also its supporting files (bookmark, browsing history, etc.) If you are not sure about how to uninstall Google Chrome or somehow can't uninstall the Chrome. Follow the instruction to delete Google Chrome from your Mac.

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Delete Google Chrome Completely from Mac

1. Quit Google Chrome

Some users can't uninstall the Chrome and come across this error message 'Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again'. It could be that the Chrome is still running in the background. What are containers in mac library. Therefore, you should quit the browser before uninstalling it.

  • In the Dock, right-click Chrome;

  • Select Quit.

If the Chrome is crashed or frozen, you can force quit it in Activity Monitor:

  • Open Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor;

  • Find the Chrome processes and click X to quit the processes.

2. Delete Google Chrome

Go to Applications folder and find Google Chrome. Then you can drag it to the Trash or right click to choose 'Move to Trash'.

3. Delete Related Files

In some cases, the Chrome acts weird because of corrupted app files. Therefore, it is essential to delete related files of the Chrome:

  • At the top of the screen, click Go > Go to Folder. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrometo open the folder of Chrome;

  • Move the folder to Trash.


Mac Chrome Extension Library Adblock Delete Tool

  1. The Chrome folder in Library contains information about bookmarks and browsing history of the browser. Please make a backup of the information that you need before deleting the app files.

  2. Restart your Mac before reinstalling Google Chrome.

Bonus: Uninstall Google Chrome in One Click

There is also a much simple way to completely uninstall Google Chrome in one click. That is using FonePaw MacMaster, which contains an easy-to-use app uninstaller for Mac. The uninstaller can:

  • Scan out the app files that are safe to remove;

  • Quickly locate downloaded apps and app files on Mac;

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  • Delete apps and apps in one click.

Here is how to delete Google Chrome for OS X with MacMaster.

  1. Open MacMaster and click Uninstaller to scan.

  2. All downloaded applications on your Mac will be display. Select Google Chrome;

  3. Select the app, supporting files, preferences and other files, and click Clean.

Note: MacMaster is a comprehensive Mac cleaner. With MacMaster, you can also clean duplicate files, system files, large old files in one click to free up more space on your Mac.

Any other question about uninstalling Google Chrome on Mac? Leave your comment below.

Uninstall Chrome Extensions Mac

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Mac Chrome Extension Library Ad-block Delete Tool

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