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Mar 08, 2014  It costs money to license a Kontakt instrument as a Library in this way and most things just aren't made to be one.nkr is a resource container, for eg., the GUI and skin. Info.nkc is what Kontakt uses to add Library as you expect is going to happen, that is up until K5 which uses.nicnt for it. Secondly, I run v5.6.6 on Mac which means I can put my libraries wherever I want, click 'add to library' in the software and select the destination folder and that's it, done! The important file is labelled '.ninct', which is what Kontakt will search for when adding libraries. Oct 01, 2016  Hi! Have updated to latest version of Kontakt player, but now when I try to add a new library, I get a message 'no library found'. I've tried this with different libraries, with the same result. Any help solving this annoying issue will be most appreciated.

Kontakt formatted files and Kontakt Libraries

KONTAKT offers you a number of different tools that let you keep track of your installed sampling libraries and their contents. Ultimately, they all have the same purpose: to let you locate and use any item you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

The main differences between KONTAKT formatted files and KONTAKT libraries are that the KONTAKT libraries require an additional Activation code.

MacKontakt 6 Mac Add Library
  1. Powered by KONTAKT: Only libraries from Native Instruments and selected third party manufacturers can use theAdd Libraryfunction.

  2. Others third parties Libraries: Kontakt formatted Libraries like Syntheway KONTAKT, containing instruments in .nki format with their respective wav samples, and cannot be added to the library tab. So, in order to load the files, please follow any of these 4 methods described below:

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Via Browse icon: from Kontakt toolbar, click 'Browse' icon (folder) and select the Magnus Choir folder location. Open the folder, order by size and it will expand the nki list first. Double click on nki instrument that you wish to add in Kontakt rack.
Dragging in Kontakt rack: Drag i.e. Magnus Choir Kontakt nki files directly onto the Kontakt rack from your desktop or hard drive.
Via Files icon: load via the 'Files' menu (floppy disc icon) in the center of the Kontakt toolbar and select i.e. the Magnus Choir nki instrument.
Via Quick icon: Load via 'Quick' icon. Similar to the Libraries Tab, once you've clicked on the 'Quick' load button, you will see a browser. Drag your Syntheway library onto this browser. It will be there for future quick loading.

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KONTAKT Sample Libraries (.nki format) available:

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