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Distutils is the original build and distribution system first added to the Python standard library in 1998. (including Mac OS X and Linux. Python2 -m pip install SomePackage # default Python 2 python2.7 -m pip install SomePackage # specifically Python 2.7 python3 -m pip install SomePackage # default Python 3 python3.4 -m pip install. Just downloaded Python 3.2.8 on Windows 10. But most instructions seem to be in commands, and I'm not sure how to install Pygame for my new windows rig using those commands, such as the easy install method the other user used. I would like to use the Pygame library. I am on a Mac running OS 10.14.6 I have tried the pip command but it. Jun 30, 2018  In this video we will download and install pygame for Python 3.7, using the super easy pip package included with python. Link to Download.


Apr 18, 2018  Pygame is a set of Python modules used for writing simple video games and graphical programs. It is cross-platform, which means it can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. This guide provides the steps needed to install Pygame for Python 3.6 on Windows and macOS. Procedure (Windows 10). Nov 05, 2018  pygame (the library) is a Free and Open Source python programming language library for making multimedia applications like games. (the website) welcomes all Python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. Once you have finished getting started you could add a new project or learn about pygame by reading the docs.

As a popular open source development project, Python has an activesupporting community of contributors and users that also make their softwareavailable for other Python developers to use under open source license terms.

This allows Python users to share and collaborate effectively, benefitingfrom the solutions others have already created to common (and sometimeseven rare!) problems, as well as potentially contributing their ownsolutions to the common pool.

How to install pygame for Mac os Sierra Python 2.7(UPDATED) New. Platformer 119 multiplayer 119 rpg 112 simple 96 applications 90 gpl 82 retro 79 pyopengl 73 pyweek 70 3d 70 geometrian 67 snake 63 library 62 physics 55 engine 55 gui 52 simulation 47 josmiley 45 ALL the tags! I want to install pygame on Mac 10.6.8. I managed to install python 2.7.9 and to make it stable. I tried to install different versions of pygame but none worked: for example with the 1.9.1 it gives.

This guide covers the installation part of the process. For a guide tocreating and sharing your own Python projects, refer to thedistribution guide.


For corporate and other institutional users, be aware that manyorganisations have their own policies around using and contributing toopen source software. Please take such policies into account when makinguse of the distribution and installation tools provided with Python.

Key terms¶

  • pip is the preferred installer program. Starting with Python 3.4, itis included by default with the Python binary installers.

  • A virtual environment is a semi-isolated Python environment that allowspackages to be installed for use by a particular application, rather thanbeing installed system wide.

  • venv is the standard tool for creating virtual environments, and hasbeen part of Python since Python 3.3. Starting with Python 3.4, itdefaults to installing pip into all created virtual environments.

  • virtualenv is a third party alternative (and predecessor) tovenv. It allows virtual environments to be used on versions ofPython prior to 3.4, which either don’t provide venv at all, oraren’t able to automatically install pip into created environments.

  • The Python Packaging Index is a publicrepository of open source licensed packages made available for use byother Python users.

  • the Python Packaging Authority is the group ofdevelopers and documentation authors responsible for the maintenance andevolution of the standard packaging tools and the associated metadata andfile format standards. They maintain a variety of tools, documentation,and issue trackers on both GitHub andBitbucket.

  • distutils is the original build and distribution system first added tothe Python standard library in 1998. While direct use of distutils isbeing phased out, it still laid the foundation for the current packagingand distribution infrastructure, and it not only remains part of thestandard library, but its name lives on in other ways (such as the nameof the mailing list used to coordinate Python packaging standardsdevelopment).

Changed in version 3.5: The use of venv is now recommended for creating virtual environments.

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Basic usage¶

The standard packaging tools are all designed to be used from the commandline.

The following command will install the latest version of a module and itsdependencies from the Python Packaging Index:


For POSIX users (including Mac OS X and Linux users), the examples inthis guide assume the use of a virtual environment.

For Windows users, the examples in this guide assume that the option toadjust the system PATH environment variable was selected when installingPython.

Where is my library folder. Jan 12, 2020  You can access the hidden Library folder without using Terminal, which has the side effect of revealing every hidden file on your Mac. This method will only make the Library folder visible, and only for as long as you keep the Finder window for the Library folder open. Oct 03, 2018  Inside the home folder on your Mac is a Library folder that stores app-specific files and settings, personal settings, and some data. The files and settings in the Library folder should be left.

It’s also possible to specify an exact or minimum version directly on thecommand line. When using comparator operators such as >, < or some otherspecial character which get interpreted by shell, the package name and theversion should be enclosed within double quotes:

Normally, if a suitable module is already installed, attempting to installit again will have no effect. Upgrading existing modules must be requestedexplicitly:

More information and resources regarding pip and its capabilities can befound in the Python Packaging User Guide.

Creation of virtual environments is done through the venv module.Installing packages into an active virtual environment uses the commands shownabove.

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How do I …?¶


Install Pygame For Python 3.6

These are quick answers or links for some common tasks.

… install pip in versions of Python prior to Python 3.4?¶

Python only started bundling pip with Python 3.4. For earlier versions,pip needs to be “bootstrapped” as described in the Python PackagingUser Guide.

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… install packages just for the current user?¶

Passing the --user option to python-mpipinstall will install apackage just for the current user, rather than for all users of the system.

… install scientific Python packages?¶

A number of scientific Python packages have complex binary dependencies, andaren’t currently easy to install using pip directly. At this point intime, it will often be easier for users to install these packages byother meansrather than attempting to install them with pip.

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… work with multiple versions of Python installed in parallel?¶

On Linux, Mac OS X, and other POSIX systems, use the versioned Python commandsin combination with the -m switch to run the appropriate copy ofpip:

Appropriately versioned pip commands may also be available.

On Windows, use the py Python launcher in combination with the -mswitch:

Note: If Optimize Mac Storage is selected and you’re running low on storage space, Live Photos are stored on your computer as still images. Changing photo library location mac. If you don’t want videos and Live Photos to play automatically, deselect this checkbox.HDRIf an Apple Pro Display XDR is connected to your Mac, the HDR checkbox appears and is selected to show the full dynamic range of your photos (when the Photos window appears on the display).

Common installation issues¶

Installing into the system Python on Linux¶

Python Pygame Download

On Linux systems, a Python installation will typically be included as partof the distribution. Installing into this Python installation requiresroot access to the system, and may interfere with the operation of thesystem package manager and other components of the system if a componentis unexpectedly upgraded using pip.

On such systems, it is often better to use a virtual environment or aper-user installation when installing packages with pip.

Python Pygame Tutorial

Pip not installed¶

It is possible that pip does not get installed by default. One potential fix is:

There are also additional resources for installing pip.

Installing binary extensions¶

Python has typically relied heavily on source based distribution, with endusers being expected to compile extension modules from source as part ofthe installation process.

With the introduction of support for the binary wheel format, and theability to publish wheels for at least Windows and Mac OS X through thePython Packaging Index, this problem is expected to diminish over time,as users are more regularly able to install pre-built extensions ratherthan needing to build them themselves.

Some of the solutions for installing scientific softwarethat are not yet available as pre-built wheel files may also help withobtaining other binary extensions without needing to build them locally.

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Release Date: June 11, 2011

Note: A newer bugfix release, 2.7.3, is currently available. Its use is recommended over Python 2.7.2.

Python 2.7.2 was released on June 11th, 2011.

The Python 2.7 series is scheduled to be the last major version in the 2.xseries before 2.x moves into an extended maintenance period. The 2.7 seriescontains many of the features that were first released in Python 3.1.Improvements in this release include:

  • An ordered dictionary type
  • New unittest features including test skipping, new assert methods, and testdiscovery
  • A much faster io module
  • Automatic numbering of fields in the str.format() method
  • Float repr improvements backported from 3.x
  • Tile support for Tkinter
  • A backport of the memoryview object from 3.x
  • Set literals
  • Set and dictionary comprehensions
  • Dictionary views
  • New syntax for nested with statements
  • The sysconfig module

See these resources for further information:

  • Change log for this release.
  • Report bugs at
  • Help fund Python and its community.

This is a production release. Pleasereport any bugs you encounter.


We currently support these formats for download:

How To Install Pygame On Python 3.8

  • Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit x86-64/i386 Installer (2.7.2) for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7[2](sig).[You may need an updated Tcl/Tk install to run IDLE or use Tkinter,see note 2 for instructions.]
  • Mac OS X 32-bit i386/PPC Installer (2.7.2) for Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.6[2](sig).

The source tarballs are signed with Benjamin Peterson's key (fingerprint: 12EF3DC3 8047 DA38 2D18 A5B9 99CD EA9D A413 5B38). The Windows installer was signedby Martin von Löwis' public key, which has a key id of 7D9DC8D2. The Macinstallers were signed with Ned Deily's key, which has a key id of 6F5E1540.The public keys are located on the download page.

How To Get Pygame On Python

MD5 checksums and sizes of the released files:

[1](1, 2) The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture (formerly EM64T), i.e. the architecture that Microsoft calls x64, and AMD called x86-64 before calling it AMD64. They will not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly IA-64).
[2](1, 2) There is important information about IDLE, Tkinter, and Tcl/Tk on Mac OSX here. Also, on Mac OS X 10.6, if you need tobuild C extension modules with the 32-bit-only Python installed, you willneed Apple Xcode 3, not 4. The 64-bit/32-bit Python can use eitherXcode 3 or Xcode 4.

Install Pygame Mac

VersionOperating SystemDescriptionMD5 SumFile SizeGPG
bzip2 compressed source tarballSource releaseba7b2f11ffdbf195ee0d111b9455a5bd11754834SIG
Gzipped source tarballSource releaseceac2c4a6a3607799097eae6c2f1f39863467520SIG
XZ compressed source tarballSource release75c87a80c6ddb0b785a57ea3583e04fa9936152SIG
Mac OS X 32-bit i386/PPC installerMac OS Xfor Mac OS X 10.3 and later348bf509e778ed2e193d08d02eee556622041602SIG
Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installerMac OS Xfor Mac OS X 10.6 and later92bc7480a840182aac486b2afd5c418118632739SIG
Windows debug information filesWindowse78e8520765af3cbb1cddbef891830bf16122946SIG
Windows x86-64 MSI installerWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x64937e2551a5d1c37a13a5958c83a05e3f16334848SIG
Windows x86 MSI installerWindows44c8bbe92b644d78dd49e18df354386f15970304SIG