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iCloud Photo Library gives you access to all of your photos and video, on all your devices, all of the time. It's an optional part of Apple's iCloud service that you can enable at any time, and uses your iCloud storage to upload all new images and video from the Photos apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Part 1: How to Delete Songs from iCloud Music Library. Deleting the songs you have on iCloud music library can be done on your iPhone or iPad. If you prefer using a computer, you will be happy to know that you can still delete the songs using either a Windows PC or Mac. If you want to migrate the assets synced to your iCloud Library, click the iCloud tab and select  iCloud Photo Library. Ensure that Download Originals to this Mac is selected, as the Photos migrator can only migrate photos for which originals are stored locally. Wait for all your originals to be downloaded before you begin migration. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services. May 05, 2017 iCloud Music Library is Apple's service for storing your personal music library online by 'matching' your tracks to songs listed on the iTunes Store (or uploading tracks directly, if there's no match available). You can then stream and download them — DRM-free — to up to ten other registered devices in your possession. Jan 05, 2020 If you want your Mac's photos to wirelessly sync to all your other iOS devices and computers, you want to set up iCloud Photo Library: Apple's photo sync service lets you back up your images on all your devices, as well as access them — online or offline — on said devices.

Shoot a video on your iPhone, take a picture with your iPad, import an image from your DSLR to Photos for Mac — if you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, all of these will upload to your iCloud repository, where they can be accessed (in full resolution!) at any time.

iCloud Photo Library can be many things: backup for your photos, sync service, storage optimizer, photography sharing site, and more. It helps you make micromanaging your pictures and videos a thing of the past. Here's how!

What is iCloud Photo Library?

Mar 03, 2020  In earlier versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and iCloud for Windows, iCloud Photos was called iCloud Photo Library. See your edits on all of your devices When you make edits in the Photos app on your iOS or iPadOS device or on your Mac, the photo automatically updates across all your devices.

iCloud Photo Library is an optional feature of Apple's iCloud service that can automatically back up and sync any images and video you take to iCloud. It works with Photos for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and also provides sync services for devices like Apple TV. When you enable iCloud Photo Library, it uses your iCloud storage space to upload all images and video you've either taken, screenshot, saved, or imported on any of your iOS devices or Macs.

I've had a lot of people over the years ask me whether they should use the service: Is it safe? Is it secure? Is the cost of an iCloud plan worth it? Here's the skinny.

How to set up iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library will save photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots, and more — and even better, when you enable it, you can use Optimize Storage to send your files immediately to iCloud and keep them from cluttering up your iPhone's local storage space.

Here's how to set up iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Apple TV to back up your photos and video, optimize storage on your devices, and share images with your friends and family.

How to use and manage iCloud Photo Library

Once you've subscribed to Apple's iCloud service and have iCloud Photo Library enabled, you'll have access to your entire photo and video library on any device — even if it can't store those images locally. The Photos app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (and the iCloud Photos app on PC) provides easy viewing for images you've taken or saved to your library on your current device; it also syncs with your iCloud Photo Library, where you can view anything you've saved from any device.

We've got guides on how to look at your iCloud-stored photos alongside your local images, edit and share them, view them while online or offline, keep your private photos private, and how to keep iCloud Photo Library from taking up all your storage space.

How to set up and use iCloud Photo Sharing

Apple's iCloud service includes iCloud Photo Sharing, which lets you share images and video with friends, family, and colleagues on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. While technically considered part of iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Photo Sharing exists outside of the service: You don't have to use iCloud Photo Library to share your images, and shared albums don't count toward your iCloud storage.

Best of all, creating shared albums is simpler than uploading images to Facebook or Instagram, and safer, too: Your images and video stay private between your group, and you can take the album down at any time. If you want to reach a wider range of people, you can even create a public iCloud.com website to host your images for anyone with the link to view them.

How to back up and troubleshoot iCloud Photo Library


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iCloud Photo Library: The Ultimate Guide



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If you want your Mac's photos to wirelessly sync to all your other iOS devices and computers, you want to set up iCloud Photo Library: Apple's photo sync service lets you back up your images on all your devices, as well as access them — online or offline — on said devices. If you're willing to pay for the extra iCloud storage space, you can store an incredible amount of photos and videos, all accessible at the touch of a button or multi-touch screen.

Icloud Mac Library Software

Here's how to set it up on your Mac and get everything configured to your liking!

How to set up iCloud Photo Library on your Mac

  1. Launch the Photos app on your Mac.
  2. Select the Photos menu in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Go to Preferences.
  4. Click on the iCloud tab.

    Source: iMore

  5. Check 'iCloud Photos.' This will begin uploading any and all images you have stored in the Photos app to iCloud.

    Source: iMore

How to optimize your photo and video storage

If you routinely shoot 4K video or high-quality images on your iPhone, iPad, or DSLR, you may run out of storage space fast. (I have a 1TB iMac, but also have almost a terabyte of 4K video stored in iCloud — it gets unwieldy, fast!) This is especially true if you have a Mac laptop with limited hard drive space: It's nice to look at your iPhone's gorgeous Portrait mode photos, but not necessarily always practical to store all of them locally.

Thankfully, Apple offers an Optimize Storage option, which lets you store full-resolution photos and videos of only your most recently shot and accessed imagery; all older photos and videos are available to download via iCloud and are stored as low-resolution previews on your device to save space. You can switch between optimizing your Mac's photos storage or storing your full library locally: Here's how!

Note: If you plan on using Optimize Storage, we suggest having at least one device that stores your entire library locally (usually a Mac with a large local or external hard drive), so you have multiple backups of your photographs and video.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your Mac.
  2. Click Photos in the App menu in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

    Source: iMore

  4. Click the iCloud tab.
  5. Click Optimize Mac Storage.

    Source: iMore

Full-resolution versions of your photos and videos will be uploaded to iCloud.

How to share photos with iCloud Photo Library

Apple's photo service doesn't just provide online backups and sync for your images and video: The company also offers a free sharing service that allows you to send shared albums to friends and family (or create a publicly-shared website). Here's how to turn it on for your Mac.


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Updated January 2020: Updated for macOS Catalina. Serenity Caldwell worked on a previous version of this post

iCloud Photo Library: The Ultimate Guide


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