How To Find Hidden User Library On Mac

Ever since Lion (OS X 10.7), Apple has hidden your personal Library folder (/Library) by default. In Lion and Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), you could make the folder visible, but it required some work. 2012-11-9  The Library folder under each account user name (the /Library) is, by default, invisible in Lion and Mountain Lion versions of OS X. It is the folder that stores settings and information for various apps, among other things, and is the one that we will be revealing in this tutorial.

The reason for this move is presumably that people unfamiliar with the inner workings of Mac OS X often open /Library and start rooting around, moving and deleting files, only to find later that programs don’t work right, application settings are gone, or—worse—data is missing. But in Lion, Apple has made the folder invisible. It seems so, doesn’t it? Mac how to get more. But rest assured, your personal Library folder is right where it’s always been, at the root level of your Home folder.


This article is intended for system administrators. If you believe this issue affects you, contact the system administrator for your business or school.

Hide a user account in the macOS login window

1. Log in as an admin user.

How to find the hidden library on mac

2. Use this Terminal command. Substitute the short name of the user that you want to hide for 'hiddenuser':

The user account is also hidden in System Preferences the next time it's opened. This command can't be used with the Guest user account. Learn how to manage the Guest user account.

Show a hidden user account

If you want to show the hidden user, set the user’s IsHidden attribute to 0:

If you want, you can delete the IsHidden attribute instead.

Hide the home directory and share point

You can move the hidden user's home directory to a place that's not visible from the Finder. And you can remove the hidden user's Public Folder share point.

This command moves the home directory of 'hiddenuser' to /var, a hidden directory:

How To Find Hidden Library On Mac

This command updates the user record of 'hiddenuser' with the new home directory path in /var:

How To Find Hidden User Library On Mac Pc

This command removes the Public Folder share point for the user with the long name 'Hidden User”: