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Note: Restrictions to add songs to iCloud music library. How to transfer itunes music library to new mac. When trying to add music to iCloud music library from your iPhone or Mac, there could be some restriction issues. You should know that before adding songs, check to see if they are encoded in the formats of WAV, ALAC, or AIFF. Apr 04, 2018  Apple Music and iCloud Music Library sometimes face slight delays when syncing your music between devices like a Mac and iPhone, but since. Two Apple music services. Plenty of crossover. Subtle differences. Macworld looks at iTunes Match, Apple Music and iCloud Music Library in depth, and investigates your best bet for music in Apple. Although turning off iCloud Music Library is a permanent solution to avoid syncing errors, you'll however lose the access to music files including a cloud-based copy of your iTunes library, any saved songs from the Apple Music catalog and other tracks you uploaded to iCloud to stream on other devices.


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Delete Icloud Music Library Mac

I've avoided AM for now (and any streaming service, for that matter), but given the lockdown I'm tempted to try one -- just more time to listen to music these days
I'd prefer to go with AM but I heard it does the file matching that was originally iTunes Match (and still is I guess), and hence could change files in your local library, which I'd like to avoid. Is there a way to use AM without having your library affected? Has anyone tried this?
The internet has given contradictory details on this, so if anyone has an idea whether that's possible, I'd love to hear it.