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Once you are certain you are happy with Photos, & you are certain the Library has migrated successfully, you can delete the old iPhoto app & iPhoto Library if you wish.The Library, as you mentioned, is 'virtual' as both are hard linked to the same files. Deleting either Library will not delete the pictures, only deleting both Libraries will do that.The apparent size on disk is incorrect or rather, somewhat misleading, as each Library will claim to be approximately the same size, yet they refer to the same files.Also see. Mac erase photo library downloads.

Use Time Machine: After you set up Time Machine, it automatically backs up the files on your Mac. If you ever lose the files in your Photos library, you can restore them from the Time Machine backup. For more information about setting up Time Machine, see Back up your files with Time Machine. Mac restore iphoto library Restore a library from Time Machine in Photos on Mac. If the Photos app on your Mac is open, choose Photos Quit Photos. Click the Time Machine icon in the menu bar and choose Enter Time Machine, or choose the Apple menu System Preferences, then click Time Machine. Click the date of your last.

2020-3-24  Mac users coming from iPhoto may wish to move an iPhoto Library to the new Photos app. While importing is an option when first setting up the Photos app in OS X, many users many have skipped the initial setup screens and missed that opportunity to import pictures and images into Photos from apps like Aperture and iPhoto.

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IphotosIf your iPhoto library is huge, one way you can cut it down is to remove all of the videos and store them elsewhere. But finding and then deleting videos in iPhoto can be tricky. You'll need to create a smart album, and then flag the videos before using a hidden command that moves all flagged items to the trash.

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Check out Removing Videos From Your iPhoto Library at YouTube for closed captioning and more options.

  1. How to Rebuild iPhoto Library for iPhoto Recovery Accidentally delete iPhoto photos or unexpectedly lose them? Apple iPhoto includes a feature to solve the issue. When your iPhoto library becomes unreadable or your photos disppear from iPhoto library, iPhoto for Mac allows you to rebuild the currently selected iPhoto library.
  2. How to Recover iPhoto Library from Mac Trash If your photos were accidentally dragged to the iPhoto trash and you could not drag them back to Mac desktop, you can go to your iPhoto trash, select those deleted photos and right click to select 'Restore to iPhoto Library'.

How To Delete Iphoto Library Mac Download

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